Instant Smile Veneer
Instant Smile Veneer

Instant Smile Veneer

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From now on, you can bravely show off you teeth without even worrying about anything else! Here, we introduce you the Instant Smile Whitener, a tool that can quickly turn your teeth white! The best thing is - it is Affordable! No more expensive treatment, no more trouble!

To use it is really easy. First, place the Instant Smile Whitener into a cup of hot water for at least 1 minute. The water should be at around 90oC to 100oC. It will then be flexible and readied to be used. Next, in front of a mirror, position the Instant Smile Whitener over your teeth and make sure it's firm. Gently pat the impression material with your thumbs behind your teeth and then ease the device out of your mouth after 30 seconds. Place them into a glass of cold water. By now, the impression material should turn white as it hardens.

  • Made out of Safe Grade Silicone Material. This gives your teeth extra protection and cover.
  • Fits all teeth. It is designed to fit all sort of teeth with the flexible body.
  • Comfort Fit. Since it is made out of pure silicone, there won't be any sharp edges or chemical leaks that would make your mouth uncomfortable as you apply.
  • Ultra Thin Flex Technology. The newest technology would help to minimize speech disruption and keep the conversations nice and smooth.
  • Will Not Stain. The Instant Smile Whitener will not stain you teeth forever, and can be removed anytime you want.